Fort Lauderdale Landscape Lighting 

Landscaping lights add a touch of class and color to your outdoor living space. A new Fort Lauderdale landscape lighting project can not only provide beauty and elegance but it can also provide an added level of security to your home. 

Installing professional grade landscape lighting can greatly improve curb appeal, expand the living space available to enjoy and illuminates the exterior of your property to help prevent intrusion. The right lighting installed with an artistic touch can create a warm and welcoming oasis that you and your family can enjoy daily. 

Create a Resort Style Retreat in Your Own Back Yard 

Installing landscape lighting here in South Florida can be especially dramatic in creating that tropical resort feel right in your own yard.  Creative modes can even be employed where lighting is installed in a way that creates patterns on the wall of your home as it shines thru your landscaping. 

Lighting mounted within the branches of your trees can be highly effective in creating a gorgeous effect while casting shadows shadows that will create interesting and beautiful patterns on your lawn.

Using spotlights and floodlights can create amazing colorful effects to enhance the look of large trees, plants and other exterior landscape features.

Fort Lauderdale Landscape Lighting – Some of the More Popular Lighting Options Include:

Path Lighting – Path lighting illuminates your driveway and the walkways around your home. Not only does it look great but it has obvious safety and security benefits. This lighting can also be placed on a time so that your home can only be lit during optimal periods of usage.

Outdoor path lighting also works well for illuminating and showcasing landscape features.

Poolside Lighting – Outdoor poolside lights a great way to artfully illuminate your backyard. Poolside lighting is both functional and serves the dual purpose of adding beauty as well.  Artful poolside lighting can turn your pool area into a resort style oasis. 

Deck and Patio Lighting – With the installation of creative lighting you can transform a dark, boring deck or patio into a warm resorts style environment. 

Flood lights can be mounted to walls or trees and solar or LED lighting can be planted around the space creating a dramatic effect.

Exterior Lighting – Exterior lighting can add a touch of elegance to any property. There are several ways to utilize exterior lighting to create stylish and dramatic effects.

Down lighting – uses mounted light fixtures installed in eaves or even trees surrounding your property.     Aiming light downward achieves a more natural look as it mimics the highlighting effects of natural moonlight. 

Up lighting – is created by placing the fixtures in the ground and directing light upward. This creates a stylish effect by accentuating the texture of leaves on trees or the detail in structure, such as a trellis or archway.

Motion Detection Lighting – You can secure your home or business with the use of outdoor lights that are automatically activated by motion. Motion detectors detect infrared waves—heat waves that radiate from moving objects and then illuminate the area of motion.

Horticultural Services – The Experts in Fort Lauderdale Landscape Lighting 

Count on the experts at Horticultural Services to artfully install your new Fort Landscape landscaping lighting and turn your home or commercial property into a work of art. We specialize in transforming a mundane property into your own inviting resorts style oasis.

The design of a proper landscape lighting system is a blend of both science and art.  One must artfully mix proper light fixture, wattage, light angle and fixture placement.  It takes years of expertise to find just the right mix to lay out an optimal landscape lighting system.

At Horticultural Services we have been artfully installing landscape lighting for over 30 years. We are experts in achieving just the right touches that create a beautiful environment for our clients. We use only the best materials from manufacturers such as Kichler and Unique Lighting Systems.

Our Fort Lauderdale Landscape Lighting Services Include:

  • LED Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting Installation
  • Lighting Maintenance
  • Landscape Lighting Design
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Mood Lighting
  • Entry Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Motion Detection Lighting
  • Path Lighting 
  • Deck & Patio Lighting
  • Poolside Lighting

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