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At Horticultural Services – we are the experts in Fort Lauderdale sprinklers systems with decades of installing, Fort Lauderdale Sprinklers Systems Specialistsrepairing and replacing irrigation systems for residential & commercial properties. We have the extensive knowledge and training to provide you with an expertly conceived layout that will ensure optimal and efficient irrigation coverage.

Sprinklers Systems – What are the Benefits?  

An automated sprinkler system can help you maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn and garden.  An automated system allows for easy irrigation in a precise manner that prevents over or under watering.  Professionally installed sprinklers systems will also help you save water resulting in costs savings over the long term.

Benefits of Your New Sprinklers System from Horticultural Services?

The installation of a proper automated sprinkler system can help beautify your home, increase your homes value and save you time and money.  

TIME SAVINGS: An automated sprinker irrigation system will do all the watering for you.  You don’t even have to waste time thinking about it.

WATER CONSERVATION AND SAVINGS: Our automatic sprinkler systems use substantially less water than watering the old fashioned way.

SAVE MONEY: Proper irrigation of your lawn and garden means you will conserve water and your plants will live longer.

PEACE OF MIND: Horticultural Services has been taking care of local residents since 1995.  We offer 100% assurance of quality, value, and performance at an affordable price.

Expert Installation  and Attention to Detail 

In laying out your new sprinkler irrigation system we pay attention to all the little details others leave out. 

  • 100% Head to Head Coverage. All sprinklers in our layout touch at least two other sprinkler head streams to ensure your lawn fully and evenly watered
  • Adjustment for Optimal System Pressure – the wrong water pressure setting can send water in unwanted areas and is a common source of waste and higher water bills. We meticulously check the water pressure in our systems to ensure the new system is working to optimal efficiency
  • Adjusted Watering Zones – some areas of your lawn or garden may need less water than other areas. We ensure just the right amount of water reaches the correct intended areas of your lawn

Company Information & Service Areas

Horticultural Services of South Florida has been serving local residents since 1995. Our service area includes greater Broward County including Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Norther Miami Dade and Southern Palm Beach Counties.

Owner Nick Tacquard is personally involved in the quality control of your installation or repair. Nick has over 30 years experience in the irrigation and landscape lighting industry and utilizes a quality control inspection system to ensure your job is done right the first time.

Our professionally uniformed technicians are all long-time employees of Horticultural Services and average over 10 years of experience in lighting and irrigation.

We offer exceptional quality in both materials and craftsmanship at pricing that is affordable for any budget.

We invite you to further explore this site and give us a call Today.    Let us come out and give you a free expert assessment on a new Fort Lauderdale sprinklers system today.


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